How to Get a Cab at the Luton Airport

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If you have landed at the Luton Airport, then you might be wondering as to how you would reach your destination. Additionally, if you are looking for Luton airport cabs service, then you are in double dilemma. So, let me help you to solve your dilemma as I will tell you exactly how you will reach your destination and how you would be able to find the best Cabs service as well.

It does not matter whether you are going to meet somebody from Luton Airport or you are just a new face in the city. Just read the article and know the insider information about Luton Airport, which will come handy for you in the future. So, let’s take a look at the article.

Luton Airport Information

Luton Airport is the fifth largest airport in UK and is situated at the Bedfordshire, which is 35 miles north of London. Currently, Luton Airport handles 9 million passengers each year and flies over to both domestic and international 90 destinations. It has 11 different carriers and it provides especial facilities to the children, business travelers, and the disabled people. The airport has just only terminal, but it is enough to handle this huge amount of passengers.

In addition to these facts, the airport’s public transportation facility is standard and dependable. If you want to contact to the Luton Airport, then these information’s will be helpful:

  • Luton Airport Code: LTN
  • Luton Airport Address: Navigation House, Airport Way, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU2 9LY
  • Luton Information Line: +44 (0)158 240 5100

Above all the parking facility is quite spacious and there is a wide range of short and long-stay valet parking system.

Why use Luton Airport Cabs Service?

You will use the Luton Airport Cab Service for the following reasons:

  • Luton Airport consists a variety of cabs service including the rank cabs and pre-booked cabs.
  • The drivers are licensed and possess sufficient knowledge about the neighboring areas of Luton Airport.
  • All the drivers are professional and efficient in dealing with the passengers.
  • The fleet of vehicles is comfortable and can several passengers (Up to eight passengers in one cab)
  • The fares of each journey are set according to the rules and standards of Transportation authority.
  • There are fixed and variable payment for booking cabs service. So, there is a greater flexibility in payment.
  • You can easily recognize the licensed drivers as they all have badges that are symbolizing different cab service companies.

The Locations that Luton Airport Cab Service Cover

The nearby locations of Luton Airport are as follows:

  • Luton, United Kingdom
  • Harpenden, United Kingdom
  • Dunstable, United Kingdom
  • Hitchin, United Kingdom
  • Stevenage, United Kingdom
  • Saint Albans, United Kingdom
  • Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom
  • Letchworth, United Kingdom
  • Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom
  • Leighton Buzzard, United Kingdom
  • Hertford, United Kingdom
  • Watford, United Kingdom
  • Chesham, United Kingdom
  • Potters Bar, United Kingdom
  • Borehamwood, United Kingdom

Apart from these nearby locations, below is a list of large cities that are closest to the Luton Airport:

  • 28 miles to London, United Kingdom
  • 41 miles to Camberley, United Kingdom
  • 41 miles to Reading, United Kingdom
  • 62 miles to Leicester, United Kingdom
  • 63 miles to Coventry, United Kingdom
  • 78 miles to Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • 81 miles to Southampton, United Kingdom
  • 82 miles to Nottingham, United Kingdom
  • 87 miles to Derby, United Kingdom
  • 90 miles to Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

An Example of Luton Airport Cab Fare

Taxi Fare Breakdown First

252.4 meters: £ 2.40

68.33 km. x £2.17 per km: £148.60

Waiting in traffic (-24 min.): £ 14.90

Environmental Charge: £0.20

Total: £ 166.10


From: Stevenage, United Kingdom

To: Luton Airport

Estimated Charge: £ 166.10.

Starting Time: 11:35

Distance: 68.59 km.

Duration: 1 hr. 4 min

How to Book a Cab Service at the Luton Airport?

There are two types of Cab service at the Luton Airport. However, you will find lots of quality cab service companies just like the cabs in Sudbury Town UK. Please keep in mind that the Luton Airport is outside the Greater London, so, you will not be able to hire any Black Cabs from the airport. Let’s take a look at how you will book a cab at the Luton Airport:

Rank Cabs/Taxis: Rank cabs can be found at the terminal of Luton airport and these cabs will be standing in a queue to pick up the passengers from the airport. Additionally, the fares are fixed and vary according to the length of the journey. You can expect to be charged by the drivers according to the fare chart of different locations. Now, to book their services, you have to talk to the drivers in person and if you are able to pick one cab, then don’t forget to verify the driver as well as the cab (Though all the drivers are licensed and the cabs are perfect for any kind of journey).

Pre-Booked Cabs/Taxis: Pre-booked cabs are one of the best cab services from the Luton Airport. These cabs are usually minicabs, which have a greater reputation in London. Additionally, the fare rate of each journey is set according to the length and all the pricing of the journey is fair as well as competitive. Besides, all the drivers are professional and efficient. To book these cab services, you have to contact them over the phone or through the website.

All the essential information can be found on the website as well as the customer contact will reveal insider information about the cab service. After the arrival, the driver will serve you with their traditionally ‘Greet and Meet’ service. However, the price of the pre-booked cabs is higher than the rank cabs service. So, check before hiring a pre-booked cab.


To conclude the article, all I can say that right now, you are possessing sufficient knowledge base because you know all the significant information about the Luton Airport. So, roam in and around the airport by booking an outstanding Luton Airport Cabs service.


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