Tour packages to France from Qatar: Things to consider

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Are you searching for a perfect travel destination this vacation? A great suggestion would be France! Sounds impossible? Not at all! As the famous French phrase says, "Vouloir C'est Pouvoir", to want means to be able to, so just go ahead and pack your bag and leave all hesitations behind. However, I am afraid it wouldn't be that simple, as any other travel you should consider some guidelines to prepare yourself to have a seamless trip. Remember, any day could be your last, so you have to make sure that everything would go perfectly according to your plans.

Getting a Visa

Visa is required if you are a travelling tourist from Qatar, and this is what you call a short-stay or a transit visa. You have to bear in mind the documents that you should submit, it is best if you will bring both the original and copies of these papers. Next, you have to secure an application form, make sure to fill up all required fields and of course sign as necessary. Lastly, the application fees! It's the most hated part of all these process, but you have to deal with it, and besides its better that you know how much to expect on the costs of this journey.

Distance and travel time

The travel distance between Paris, France and Doha, Qatar is 3086 miles. So, that would take about a day or less in the air filled with clouds. You have some great options how you will endure the lengthy travel, first is to sleep your way through, just go ahead and ignore everything else. You can also listen to a good music, watch your favorite movie or perhaps talk to the stranger beside you! Well, you do have the same destination, and you probably have the same purpose of traveling. After all, France is too romantic to explore alone.

Route and Airlines

Here's another good news, it is unlikely for you to miss your flight back and forth. There are convenient flights scheduled every day, so you don't have to worry if you consumed too much time enjoying your travel and failed to board your plane. The Airlines that are available to accommodate your flight are as follows:

Qatar Airways, it has the most continuous flight in between Qatar and France and vice versa. Want to go for a cheaper flight? You can either book in Air France or Emirates. Lastly, Jet Airways is also on top of the list.

Travel Guide

Here are the activities and places that you can look forward to as you arrive in France. The cityscape- You can visit Pompidou Centre and do skyscraping in the most famous Eifel Tower. Feel the ancient vibes in places like Spanish-influenced Toulouse and Renaissance Lyon. The landscape-let yourself be swept away in places like the Camargue plateau, Loire Valley or maybe some blueberry picking in the Alps? To conclude everything, don't forget to treat yourself in great places to feast and drink. You can enjoy the Normandy’s galettes, Southwestern cassoulet, and Marseille’s bouillabaisse etc.

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