Orly Airport to Paris Disneyland & Paris City Centre Taxi Cost

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Orly Airport is located approximately eight miles from south of Paris making it the closest international airports in Paris city centre. However, it is smaller than Charles de Gaulle airport and it is therefore mostly used for domestic flights as well as other international destinations in the Mediterranean and around Southern Europe. Essentially, arriving passengers are taken to their destinations, for instance, Paris Disneyland through the various airport transportation including; taxi Paris Orly, Paris airport shuttle and the Air France Bus among others.

Orly Airport has two major terminals from where travelers board different airport transportation. Taxis are quite visible from the each of the airport’s terminals. This is to make it easier for passengers to locate them or chauffeurs to locate their clients. Taxi cost from Orly Airport ranges 30 € to around 50 € depending on; traffic obstruction, destination, time of day and so on. Therefore, below are taxi costs from Orly Airport to Paris Disneyland & Paris City Centre depending on the conditions mentioned above;

Time of the day

It has been shown clearly that the taxi cost from Orly Airport to Paris Disneyland & Paris City centre is dependent on the time of the day that the traveler decides to take a ride. For instance, under normal circumstances, the traveler is likely to pay for a ride to the city centre 30 € up to 60 € per person. However, the cost can significantly be higher mostly during the morning rush hour when the road to the Paris city centre becomes congested due to the high number of passengers arriving from overnight flights.

Traffic obstruction

Under normal circumstances, taxi cost from Orly Airport to Paris Disneyland & Paris City centre goes to as low as 20 € per person boarding a Paris airport taxi to the city centre and about 40 € per person for those going to Disneyland . The reason for this fair taxi cost is because the A1 freeway experience smooth traffic flow. Conversely, when the traffic obstruction becomes a nightmare, the travelers have no option but to pay a higher amount to compensate for the time the chauffeur wastes by being stuck in the crazy traffic jam. This is quite unfortunate especially during morning hours when most flights arrive from North America during this timeframe.


Taxis from Orly Airport ferry travelers to various destinations within Paris. These destinations include; Paris Disneyland and Paris City centre among others. Therefore, the traveler is required to pay the taxi cost depending on the distance that the taxi covers to reach that destination. For instance, those that require door to door taxi service to various Paris suburbs such Paris Disneyland, pay from 45 € to 60 € which is significantly higher than those going to the city centre. In essence, city centre is closer to the airport than most of the other suburbs in Paris. This extra amount is usually for the service of taking the passenger to the doorstep of whatever destinations they need to be taken to within the Paris city.

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