Travel Places to Visit in March

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March is a well-suited time for travelling as the spring season unfolds its beauty. People tend to prefer this month to go on a vacation for having some fresh air or a delightful sunny weather. It is also the month when students find a much-needed break from their monotonous studying. Altogether, March is a month, which is popular for travelling. So, let’s look at the best travel places to visit in March.

Budapest, Hungary: The first travel place is on the list is Budapest. It is an exciting place where you will enjoy the spring musical festival in the later part of the month. This festival has become the grandest cultural events in whole Europe and the biggest in Budapest. During the festival, many world-class international starts along with the best Hungarian performers share the central stage. The main focus of the festival is on classical music opera and jazz. With them orchestral and church concerts are being held also. So, if you want to spend your vacation by attending the biggest cultural event in Europe, then just head towards Budapest. You will certainly enjoy your stay and you will also love to explore the city’s rich historical sites.

French Riviera: In the month of March, the French Riviera in the Mediterranean coast decorates itself with a beautiful weather. From late February to early March, the Nice Carnival (Known as the Mardi Gras Côte d'Azur-style) takes place in this area. During this carnival, you will see a lot of parades, flowers, musical events with a frenzy crowd. At the last day of carnival, the Battaile de Fleurs starts by burning the king float. Next, the papier-mâché float will be set on fire on the beach and fireworks show would finish off the celebration of the carnival.

Barbados, Caribbean: Barbados offers the chance to be a warm vacation in March and it will be in the first place on many travellers mind as well. We all know that Caribbean is always a great travel place due to its diversified beaches and islands. However, Barbados is also a great travel place for its well-suited weather, cool sea breezes along with some wonderful beaches. So heading off to Barbados for relaxing travel trip would make sense.

Dublin, Ireland: A spring trip to Dublin in Ireland is a matter of joy because of all its excellent accommodation options and iconic establishments. You can jump off to visit the Guinness Storehouse and wander through the Phoenix Park. Also, a Viking Splash tour will bring the historical evidence of Ireland as well. All along the trip, you should drink the famous Irish drinking and grub. You can have it at the Porterhouse Brewing Company and also, don’t forget to eat some pub food at the Brazen Head or even you can indulge yourself for a fine dining at Eden.

Recife, Brazil: When you think of Brazil, Rio comes to your mind naturally. However, it is not Rio that I am talking about. It is Recife that is a perfect place travel place to visit in March. This coastal city is located more than 1,000 miles to the northeast of Brazil. It is relatively unknown compared to other cities such as Sao Paolo, Rio, etc. With tropical beaches and gleaming glass towers, this city is more becoming a popular travel place. The 2014 Fifa World Cup contributed its popularity. Also, there are carnivals that take place in the city where a sweaty four-day cacophony of dancing, drums, and whistles will make you crazy.

Savannah, Georgia: Savannah in Georgia is famous for its high temperatures as it hits the 70 zone. Usually, the weather of this city quite dry and it’s an ideal travel place to visit in March. You can stroll alongside the beautiful parks or you can a tour to the historic architectural establishments. There are several great restaurants and shopping mall that would make your trip more funny and enjoyable. On St. Patrick's Day, a 400,000 people would gather in the area for a parade as well as for festivities. It is celebrated as the country’s second largest St. Pat's celebration. Also, at the end of the month, the Savannah Music Festival would take place in the town bringing more excitement to the visitors.

To finish, I would like to say that all the above places are a little off-beat and would bring tremendous joy to every visitor. So, you should try and have a crack at them and make March a memorable one.

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