Top places to Shop in Paris

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Paris is the capital city of France with an abundance of sightseeing opportunities and attractions. This is a city that has different appeal among the tourists and there are lots of reasons to believe this point. The culture of Paris is inimitable, there are iconic establishments like – The Eiffel Tower, there are loads of museums such as – The Louvre and so on. With all these attractions, Paris is also a city for shoppers because it has a diverse class of shopping spots that play a vital role in attracting millions of tourists. So, let’s take a look at the top places to shop in Paris.

Paris Shopping Streets

Paris has numerous shopping streets that are quite famous among both the visiting people and locals. If you walk along these streets, you will see a wide range of department stores as well as small France boutiques.

  • The Rue de Rivoli Street is a renowned street where every kind of shopping stores can be found. It starts from the Place de la Concorde and stretches to the east. In between the Place de la Concorde and the Louvre, this street comprises of several tourist-friendly stores from which people can souvenirs. Also, there are some national and international chain stores like - Zara, H&M, Yves Rocher, and Gap.
  • The most popular street in Paris is the Champs Elysées in which loads of stores can be seen. This street commences from Place de la Concorde and finishes at Arc de Triomphe, which is in the west of Paris. Beside this street, several high-end boutiques such as - Gucci, Fendi, Hugo Boss, Valentino, Cartier, Christian, and Dior lie. You can buy virtually any kind of fashion products from here.

Paris Department Stores

This city has well-established and luxurious department stores in several places. They are as follows -

  • The Galeries Lafayette is a high-class French department store that is situated on Boulevard Haussmann in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. This store has an array of brand for clothing, jewelry, cosmetics. Also, the building is spectacular and even if you don’t buy anything, this store will amaze you for sure.
  • The Printemps department store is another high-end boutique shop that has fewer crowds than the Galeries Lafayette. However, the location of this store is similar, which is Boulevard Haussmann in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. You can see some top-class brands from Giorgio Armani to Roberto Cavalli n the store and this department store focuses on young urban fashion. It has a rooftop terrace, which is completely free for its visitors and from this roof; you can get a panoramic view of Paris.

Paris’ Shopping Malls

When it comes to shopping malls, Paris has an assortment of malls. Any visitor can spend an entire afternoon in one of the shopping malls in Paris.

  • In the first arrondissement of Paris, Forum des Halles was once the main marketplace and it has now converted into a big underground mall. This mall is different and several contemporary facilities such as - a brand new translucent rooftop and a garden will be included by 2016.
  • Near the Louvre museum, an underground shopping mall - The Carrousel du Louvre is located where the first ever Apple store was launched in France. Also, there are famous stores like - Sephora, Swarovski and the top attraction of this mall is the popular inverted pyramid skylight down.

The Food Markets of Paris

Here are the best food markets of Paris.

  • If you head to the third arrondissement, you will see Le Marché des Enfants Rouges. This is the oldest food market in the Paris. The entry point of this market is the Rue de Bretagne and you will get delicious foods such as - baguettes, cheeses, and wines are waiting for you in this market.
  • Now, in the 14th arrondissement and next to the Montparnasse cemetery, there is a food market called the Rue Daguerre. This market is a permanent market where some of the best cheese shops and bakeries (Such as - Au Moulin de la Vierge) can be seen.

Flea Markets of Paris

Paris is different than any other European city and it is no wonder why it has different shopping stores also. Here are two of the best flea markets of Paris -

  • The St-Ouen Flea Market is situated near the Montmartre in the north region of Paris. This is the biggest flea market in the world, and it has various stalls. These stalls sell antiques, clothes, and art products.
  • The Montreuil Flea Market is less popular than it’s supposed older brother ‘The St-Ouen Flea Market’ and it happens to be in the same place like the previous one. This market has some of the best antique products and all these products will be a bargain for you.

So, here are the top places to shop in Paris. I think I have included enough information about the places and the markets, stores or stalls. So, go to any of the places and enjoy your much-desired shopping in Paris.

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