Travel Places to Visit in November

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When the balmy weather of late fall begins to decline, people search for the warmer places to make their vacation a comfortable one. Generally, November offers a lot of wonderful places, where the weather is ideal for vacation. So, let’s not waste any time and discover these places for a warmer vacation.

Florida, USA: Florida is one of the states of USA where everything is just natural. First, you can head to the Sunshine State and you are not required to take binoculars to see the sights of wintering birds. Moreover, in November, these birds make their migration within Florida’s Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, which is located near Cape Canaveral. Seeing these birds will make you excited as they flock together in a unique way. To add to these magnificent birds, you can discover a colourful congregation of pink roseate spoonbills (They are called estuaries within the refuge home in November).

Apart from the Orlando’s theme parks, if you don’t visit the wildlife refuge, you would surely miss a large chunk of adventure and enjoyment from your trip. Last but not the least, heading towards Walt Disney World would be a great idea since mid-November through mid-December is the best time to visit this great amusement park.

South Korea: In November, the Naejangsan National Park becomes a blazing scene with colourful sights. This national park is located in the mountains of Jeolla-do province and there are assortments of plants can be seen in the national park. These plants include - mainly maple trees, but also elm, ash, oak, dogwood, and hornbeam. What’s more, other foliages make the park into a dazzling colourful display with sights of crimson, green, yellow are on board to entertain the nature lovers.

Also, the park is only three hours from Seoul by bus and I am confident that the travellers would love the day retreat because of waterfalls, lakes, and 1880 diverse wildlife species, numerous pagodas, and temples. All in all, this national park in South Korea can give you long-lasting memories.

Morocco: Morocco is rich in ancient tradition and endless desert beauty. In November, embarking on a trek all the way through the Sahara would make an excellent travel trip. Keep in mind that this month is an ideal time since the scorching heat of the desert will be subsided with the balmy weather of this month.

While travelling on the desert hiring a camel is a must and your first choice desert ride would be on Morocco's Erg Chebbi Desert. In case the city beckons you, you should reply with ‘Ma'a Salama’ to your riding friend (Camel). Also, don’t forget to explore the wonderful ancient cities of Morocco such as - Tangiers, Casablanca and Marrakech.

New York City, USA: Come early November, New York City will become a lively place because of the Rockettes dance in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. This dance event will be presented at Radio City Music Hall; this is a special place in New York City. Other than this, you can hang around in the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and look for a peek o the parade to understand it value.

Egypt: Egypt lies on the African continent and the country has a rich history of one-of-a-kind establishments such as – the Pyramids or the Mummies. Even the Egyptian Myth is a fabled myth in the world that will most likely draw a huge attraction from people living in different parts of the world. Also, Hurghada is a place of Egypt, which is renowned for kite surfing. This place is located on Egypt’s Red Sea coast region.

The weather is mild and temperate with lots of wind coming down to the place as well. Besides, the place is a fitting travel destination for people who want to escape the old and chilli weather. So, come here and enjoy the rich history of Egypt and play kitesurfing to add spice to your trip.

Finally, all these above places would serve as a perfect travel place to visit in November since all of them have diversified attractions. Each of them would easily make the top list because they offer something different than the usual travel destinations. So, pack your bags and embark on a delightful travel trip to one of these places in November.

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