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Europe is just the right place for a perfect weekend. Moreover it is even affordable where you can spend a weekend that won’t for sure break your budget. From a Paris shopping spree to a romantic weekend for two in Rome these are the most happening getaways in Europe.

Cappadocia, Turkey

A breath-taking place right on the border of Europe and Asia, Cappadocia is a unique vacation destination. It has a different feel from anywhere else with a warm climate in the summer and snowy cold winters. There are a lot of volcanic deposits, soft rocks and a moon like atmosphere. You can take your time out for the churches and monasteries.

Paris, France

Spring, fall and winter are the perfect times to travel to this splendid place. Fall and winter are the least crowded times and also less expensive. You need to get a Paris Pass for real sightseeing in Paris. Do check out Seine River Cruise, Places within Central Paris, Champs de Elyse, buy stuff from a street vendor and enjoy the sculptures outside the Louvre.

Vienne, Austria

Vienne is one of the capital cities with its own vineyard, so you should definitely try on some local wine. Also get ready for an opera or ballet performance at the state opera. With its famous sweets like knodel, Sanchertorte, Vienna is also a great place to buy the typically awesome street food. It has a super huge free ice rink too; you need to pay to rent the skates.


This beautiful city if Lily has captured the imagination of travellers across globe. The beauty of the place when day breaks and when the sun sets is marvellous and has a charm in itself when the colours glow in the night. Do take a nice walk along the Arno that offers views that haven’t changed much in 700 years. Truly! As the saying goes, it’s hard not to fall under the city’s spell. Florence is the heart of the city and the world’s finest repository of Indian Renaissance art.


Another popular weekend destination is Milan, Italy’s second largest city and its business capital is at the center of Lombardy. Milan is more European! A shopper’s paradise, mostrenowned opera house, epicentre of Italian fashion and design, do I need to say more? Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper and other great works of art are present right here. Visitors are lured by the world class shopping experience, Milan’s sophistication; garden filled with flamingos and the premier soccer teams.

Dublin, Ireland

If you are an online freak, purchase online and save your bugs. You can get a Dublin Pass with discounts loaded on dining, shopping and unlimited public transportation. With a validity of 12 months, Dublin is a perfect weekend for a romantic getaway. Embrace the free things Dublin has to offer, you will for sure enjoy them to the fullest. Peep into the Trinity College, national Museums and The Phoenix Park.

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