Beauvais Airport to Paris Disneyland & Paris City Centre Taxi Cost

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Beauvais Airport is indeed situated approximately 80kilometres away from Paris city centre. This makes it the furthest airport from the city centre. Therefore, Paris airport transportation in Beauvais Airport is somewhat restricted to taxis, coach and shuttle to connect to the Paris city center and its suburbs including Paris Disneyland and other international airports namely, Orly and Roissy CDG airports. Most of the passengers arriving at Beauvais Airport prefer taxi transportation due to the comfort experienced during the long journey to the city centre or to Paris Disneyland.

In essence, taxis in Beauvais Airport leave the airport after every three hours due to the long journey to the city or its suburbs. The taxi cost to be paid by each traveler from this airport is therefore quite high considering the distance being covered by the vehicle to different destinations. For that reason, the taxi cost depends on several conditions which include; traffic congestion, number of passengers, status of the taxi, destination, number of luggage among others as elaborated below;

Destination of the traveler

Different travelers are ferried to different destinations within Paris. Therefore, the traveler is expected to pay for the taxi fare depending on the destination. For instance, those passengers travelling directly from Beauvais Airport to Paris city centre are expected to pay around 170 € per person for the ride. On the other hand, those travelers going to various Paris suburbs away from the city centre pay slightly higher depending on the distance from the city centre. Consequently, for travelers whose destination is Paris Disneyland, the amount of taxi cost paid is about 240 € per person.

Number of travelers in a taxi

The cost of taxi fare is without doubt reduced if more travelers are sharing a taxi than when one is traveling alone. In this insight, travelers from Beauvais Airport heading to Paris Disneyland and Paris City Centre pay lesser amount if travelling two or more in the same taxi. For instance, if two passengers are heading to Paris City Centre, they are likely to pay about 140 € to around 160 € per person. However, those heading to Paris Disneyland are expected to pay about 190 € per person for the ride.

Number of luggage

It is not unusually for passengers to pay an extra fare depending on the number of luggage they are carrying. However, this is dependent on the chauffeur ferrying the traveler. Consequently, most of them charge a fee of about 10 € per luggage. Therefore, the more the number of luggage the more money the traveler is expected to pay and vice versa.

Status of the taxi

Some visitors travelling to Paris prefer to travel from Beauvais Airport to their various destinations in style especially due to the long journey. For this reason, some of the can decide to take a private Limousine or other luxurious cars that charges more than the ordinary taxis. Therefore, such a traveler can pay up to 350 € for the ride to Paris city centre.


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